Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 61_medium

    Beer Checkin

    Collect and share every beer you drink.

    Created by muanis, cainanunes, gcirne, peleteiro

  • 23_medium


    hi.im is a social profile that you can use to introduce yourself to the web. Use it on business cards, profiles, email signatures, etc. Your hi.im page will have the top items from your social networks like Twitter, digg, Facebook, Flickr, etc and pe...

    Created by jonathant, andresmax, jfgomez86, bbto

  • 3_medium

    Meet In Between

    The application is called MeetInBetween - an application that allows you to specify the address of multiple people and find a central meeting point for dinner, coffee, drinks, wifi and more.

    Created by Joe Fiorini, Josh Walsh, Andrew Kavanaugh, wavethenavel

  • 1_medium

    Tasty Planner

    Create, plan and share recipes, menus, grocery lists and more. Browse, create, and share delicious recipes. Add them to your personal Recipe Box.

    Created by Josh Owens, Chris Saylor, Bruno Miranda, Kevin Burg

  • 2_medium


    Tired of lending out money and never getting it back? Want a way to remind your buddy that he owes you cash? Enter Owe Me cash! We'll record your debt, and notify your buddy as frequent as you want by either voice, text or email!

    Created by Platform45

  • 22_medium

    How's My Code?

    A lean and simple code review tool meant for busy software developers.

    Created by foca, oboxodo, nachof, rabble

  • 4_medium


    Qflip uses the NetFlix API to give Internet users the chance to vote on the next movie from your NetFlix Q. NetFlix users opt-in with the service and can then present users with 5 of their top 25 recommended movies (using the NetFlix recommendation eng...

    Created by reagent, schlueter, rares

  • 62_medium


    Choons is a service that allows people to organize their album collection through an easy-to-use interface.

    Created by hidenowt, juliogreff, rafaelmarin, rodolfo3

  • 28_medium


    Like CouchSurfing, but with food

    Created by DefV, jomz, jelle, jeroenj

  • 8_medium


    Imagine you're a kayaker and you're planning a 2-week trip on an epic backcountry river like the Salmon River in Idaho, but you've never been there before. Where do you go to find out how to run the difficult rapids? Where the good campsites are? What...

    Created by ADLongwell, ctenbrink