Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 44_medium


    Welcome to Jamibia! Do you play? Jamibia is a place where you can show yourself, meet other musicians and jam along with them. Jamibia is a social network centered around jam sessions. Musicians can register and ad jams, so their followers can see ...

    Created by oriolgual, txus, , josepjaume

  • 49_medium


    Feeling like you've missed something when you were offline? Tired of reading the whole text before you follow the link because of that clueless bit.ly goo.gl tl.gd blabla link-useful-but-crappy shorteners? Do you scream for help to filter all the...

    Created by victorcoder, oriolconesa, xavib

  • 79_medium


    ATTENTION!!: SaaSmetrics has been tested and works properly in Safari, Chrome and Firefox but there are issues with Internet Explorer. Please use one of the supported browsers when judging our app so you can get the full experience!! Saasmetrics ...

    Created by albertoperdomo, polimorfico, danielhernandez

  • 74_medium

    Care of Me

    We are Linking Paths and La Personnalité and Care of Me is the result of our participation at the Rails Rumble 2010. It was built in 48 hours. This app sends reminders to the people you care of, using simple phone calls. You can use it to remind the...

    Created by aitor, molpe, salicio, maxkuri