Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 3_medium

    Meet In Between

    The application is called MeetInBetween - an application that allows you to specify the address of multiple people and find a central meeting point for dinner, coffee, drinks, wifi and more.

    Created by Joe Fiorini, Josh Walsh, Andrew Kavanaugh, wavethenavel

  • 4_medium


    Qflip uses the NetFlix API to give Internet users the chance to vote on the next movie from your NetFlix Q. NetFlix users opt-in with the service and can then present users with 5 of their top 25 recommended movies (using the NetFlix recommendation eng...

    Created by reagent, schlueter, rares

  • 8_medium


    Imagine you're a kayaker and you're planning a 2-week trip on an epic backcountry river like the Salmon River in Idaho, but you've never been there before. Where do you go to find out how to run the difficult rapids? Where the good campsites are? What...

    Created by ADLongwell, ctenbrink

  • 5_medium


    TrackClass helps you get your school work organized. From reminders to notes to assignments and grades, you'll be on top of your studies! Demo account: demo@mailinator.com password: password

    Created by tristandunn, synewaves

  • 6_medium

    What Does this Error Mean?

    whatdoesthiserrormean is a search engine for error messages and their solutions and a way to get help solving your errors. Check out our screencast. If you use Rails or Merb, install our plugin/gem to use us during your development process.

    Created by giraffesoft, danielharan, webmat, francois

  • 9_medium


    muviluv is a site for Film and Film Festival lovers. It is simply a Film/Film Festival database, including search functionality and reviews (reviews not fully implemented yet). You can signup and add Films or Festivals yourself. Enjoy

    Created by tiegz, ihearithurts

  • 10_medium


    Likis is a language wiki application, where users can come together to contribute to an ever evolving source of knowledge and information about the worlds languages. It'll be useful for those wanting to learn a language, to help others learn, or just t...

    Created by eldiablo, mleung

  • 11_medium


    Do your friends owe you money? Do you owe your brother a beer? Track and share any debts between you and your friends with nDebted and always know what you owe!

    Created by dgebhardt, lgebhardt

  • 12_medium

    Price Pounce

    PricePounce lets you bookmark items on Amazon with a price you'd like to pay. When someone sells it at that cost, we notify you so you can pounce on it!

    Created by knaveofdiamonds

  • 13_medium


    Twitter with a mute button. twalala is a web-based Twitter client that allows you to control what you see (and more importantly what you don't see) in your twitterstream. With twalala, you are able to mute the people you follow, and/or filter out...

    Created by matgillooly, brd, k00k